Your ATM is only as good as the transaction processor behind it – without reliable processing, your customers can experience slow and failed transactions, driving them to other ATMs and other stores. Columbus Data Systems (CDS) has been ETC’s processor of choice for the past 20 years. Today, CDS is the largest & best ATM Processor in the United States. They have unrivaled speed, security, capability and reliability.

Connections must be secure and trusted and available to every major and minor card network. Transactions must move quickly, at the speed of commerce. Network errors must be managed smoothly. And it all has to happen seamlessly, with no downtime or days off.

Total clarity – online reporting

With your processing, you also enjoy total clarity into your ATM program with easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools. Log in anytime from anywhere and see how many transactions you have run, what you have earned, and much more. It’s sort of like gazing into a crystal ball that gives you profits.

Convenient, real-time reporting tools provide more control of your ATM management

  • Next Day Deposits
  • Online Management.  Access your ATM and monitor transactions or balance from your computer 24/7
  • Detailed Transaction Information
  • Detailed Monthly Statements
  • Low Cash Notification via email or text message
  • Error Notification of terminal errors via e-mail or text message
  • Dedicated Customer Support