HYOSUNG – 2800T – Thru-The-Wall ATM

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Comes Standard With:

  • 12.1” Color Screen
  • EMV Card Reader
  • 2k Cassette (Upgradable to (2 or 3) 2k cassettes
  • Electronic Lock
  • TCP/IP Ready
  • 24-Month Warranty
  • Lighted ATM Window Sign
  • Dual-Protection Surge Protector
  • Programming
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • Free ATM Receipt Paper

Cash Dispenser Unit




The 2800T brings you through-the-wall convenience and the latest advancements in ATM technology. The sleek and weatherized exterior is suitable for even the most high-end locales. This 2800T gives you dependability and ease of maintenance with the added bonus of high-capacity note storage.


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